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    Making Ringtones for the Sidekick LX 2009

    Huge thanks to domo2fr3sh for making this tutorial!

    Before you start, you need to download an editing program called WavePad. To get it, go here & click "Get It Now"

    Step 1:

    Now that you've downloaded the program, you need to open it up! It should look like the picture below.


    Step 2:

    Go to File (top left corner), click Open or Ctrl+O & select the song you want. After the song is loaded onto the program, it should look something like the picture below.


    Step 3:

    Edit the song by selecting/highlighting & cutting. To do this, just click & drag your mouse over the portion of the song you DON'T want & hit Delete. When you select/highlight, it should look like this:


    Once you're done editing & you have the part of the song you want, you should make sure the clip is 20 seconds or under. Now, you don't have to, but it's highly recommended if you don't want your ringtone to sound crappy. The circled numbers in the picture below show a clip that is 16 seconds, which is GREAT!


    If you want to make the ringtone louder, go to Effects & click Amplify. You should set it between 350 & 400. As you can see, the example picture below is set at 400...GOOD!


    Before you save your clip, you might want to double check & make sure it sounds the way you want it to. So just go ahead and click the play button (bottom left corner) to listen to it.

    Step 4:

    Go to File & select "Save as". In the File Name section you can type whatever you want (most prefer the name of the song & artist) Do you see where it says Save as type: "Wave (*.wav)"? Well, we don't want that.


    You're going to want to click "Wave(*.wav)" and change it to "MPEG Layer-3 (*.mp3)" & it should now look like this:


    Don't forget to click save. Once you click save, another window is going to pop up that looks like this:


    When that window pops up, make sure both the Constant Birate (CBR) & High quality encoding (slower) are selected. Click Birate (kbps) where the number is & menu listing numbers should drop down. Select 48 & click OK.

    Step 5:

    Now, go to where ever you saved your clip. (but don't close out WavePad just yet) The reason we're doing this is because we need to make sure the size is correct. The size of the clip should be no larger than 99KB or else it wont work on your sidekick! To check the size, there should be a column that lists the sizes of your files. (depending on your settings)


    If you don't see a column, no worries. Just select your clip, right click & go to properties. This should pop up:


    If the size is 99KB or lower GREAT.! (go ahead & click OK.) If it's higher than 99KB then you need to go back & repeat Steps 4 - 5 until the size is lower than 99KB. (I hope you didn't close the Wavepad program...I told you not to.! (= p) )

    Step 6:

    Now that you have your ringtone you're probably wondering "how do I get it on my sidekick, right.?" Well you have two easy options:

    - You can log onto (sign up if you haven't already) & upload your ringer. Once it's uploaded you can go to it and click the button that says "Email to me"


    - OR you can be stingy and keep your ringer all to yourself & just send it to your tmail through any site that allows you to attach a file to an email such as Yahoo, AOL & Gmail. (AOL is said to send out the fastest) Make sure you click the attach button so you can attach your ringtone clip.


    Step 7:

    When you receive the email containing the ringtone on your sidekick you're going to want to open it. You should see the picture below:


    DO NOT add it to your ringtones just yet. You should play it to make sure you like it first. Because once you add it, you can't delete it. If you're satisfied with it, go ahead & add it to your ringtones. Now you can go to your (call, text/picture messaging, email, aim, yahoo or internet) general settings to set your ringtone. (they'll be in the imported section)


    Remember, this only works for the Sidekick LX 2009! If you went through this tutorial & you have any other type of sidekick, then you've just wasted your time. =/



    Twitter: @skringers

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